Whenever I get the chance, I try to travel somewhere new. Even if it’s just to a new coffe place two towns over. Of course I have some all time favourite places I go back to regularly, but in general I like the thrill of not knowing what to expect. Meeting new people and experienceing a different culture. Learning something new. Appreciate beauty, big and small.

If I’m in a new place, I ignore all maps. Getting lost, for me, is the biggest adventure you could get into and you always find so many more exciting places than just the standard tourist attractions. Not that I’m not a sucker for an iconic photo opportunity, but when scrolling back through my photos there never seem to be any sights, only little frames of unknown places. But for me, that sums up my travels perfectly.

So I would love for you to come on an adventure with me, and if you like it or know someone who would like it, you know what to do.

And if you live in a beautiful place or know of one, please do share it with me!

Love, H.