Raspberry Ombré Prosecco – Blogmas Day 9

What I love about the weeks leading up to christmas is that everyone is willing to go to a party pretty much every night. And since my favourite thing is having lovely people over to have nice food and some drinks, this is the perfect season for me. I also like trying out new drinks….

Christmas Cake – Blogmas Day 5

December is finally here! I’ll admit, I have been listening to christmas playlists and munching on gingerbread since September, but now everyone else is catching up… I’ve already been to my first christmas party and I’m sure you have many of those coming up, so I thought what better to make this month than a…

Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations

For this year’s little Friendsgiving get-together, I wanted to make some decorations myself, cause I’m really into DIY at the moment. Also, they don’t break the bank. So I made some place sets out of Kraft paper, mostly because I love wrapping presents in this, so I always have some at home, especially around christmas….

Gingersnap Cookies Thanksgiving Decorations

I’m hosting a little friendsgiving meal this year. I usually host, just because I love cooking and having guests and I also have the biggest kitchen out of our friendship group. And this year I wanted to tell my friends how grateful I am to have them and give them something they could take home….

Biscoff Birthday Cake

Baking is my one true love. Ever since I was little, I loved helping my mum make birthday cakes, christmas biscuits or anything else I was allowed to make. And since then I never stopped baking and eventually began trying out new things and ditching recipes. Now I find it really hard to follow a…

Tea Party

You guys, you know I love food and friends, so whenever I’m cooking for or with friends, I get super excited! And last week some of my friends and I decided to have a little tea party, because I’d never made scones from scratch, my friend kindly brought some clotted cream back from holiday and…