This is not a topic that I am qualifed to talk about. Or feel particularly comfortable talking about for that matter. But I’m gonna anyways. Because it concerns me. And it concerns you. And everyone around us.

Until recently, I had never really thought about being ill. It’s such a cliché, but only knowing a good thing when it’s gone is scarily true. A few months ago, I was hospitalized for depression. It kinda took me by surprise. I mean,  of course I knew that everything wasn’t peachy. But I always kept going, ignoring the limits my body told me to keep. Never feeling like I was good enough.

Since that strategy obviously wasn’t working, I’m now trying a different approach. You’ll get to witness first-hand the things I’m gonna try to stay healthy, making them up as I go along.

If you’re in a similar position or if you’re just curious, I’d love a message from you and if you found something helpful or interesting, please give it a like. Feel free to share anything you find on this blog if you think others might appreciate it.

Lots of love, H.