Self Care Night – Recharging batteries – getting out of a rut

I’ve had kind of a shitty start to the year. New Year’s Eve was great, but after that I’ve just had no energy and I haven’t been sleeping well. So I needed to do something to recharge myself and get a fresh start. I feel like there is so much pressure on January to be this magical month where everything changes and if you don’t become a whole new person then, the whole year will be lost.

Which is, of course, utter bullshit. So I’ve decided to just restart 2018 at the end of January, try to accept that it wasn’t a great month, but I can start fresh any time I feel like it. So I decided to give myself a pamper night, just to recharge my batteries and set myself up for a fresh start.


To get in the right mindset, I took a long, hot shower and used all the products I have in there. Usually, I just quickly wash my hair and that’s that. But this time I took my time to exfoliate my skin, shave my legs and moisturise my entire body afterwards.


I started by getting into really cosy PJs and lighting some scented candles. I also put on Grease, which is my all time favourite feel-good movie, but you could also put on a nice chilled playlist. Spotify has so many great options, the ones I usually go for are Jazz Vibes and Relax & Unwind. Or if you’re in the mood for a sing along, the Songs to Sing in the Shower playlist is great and the Sing-Along Indie Hits playlist always puts me in a good mood.


Then I put on my incredibly sexy headband and really took my time to clean my face. For once I actually cleansed and toned my skin, put on a charcoal mask, which always leaves my skin feeling deep-cleaned and moisturised with the delicious Decléor face cream.


I finsihed watching Grease, had a glass of wine and a hot cup of tea before bed and even read a chapter of my latest book, Sourdough. As I prepared for bed, I used my homemade sugar scrub on my lips and put on a thick moisturiser to leave on over night.

Getting into bed, I put on my favourite Game of Thrones podcast and sprayed my pillows with my favourite sleep spray by ECO Aroma. Just do whatever gets you in the mindset of falling asleep though. If you like to listen to music, put on a soothing playlist, if you’re currently reading a book, turn on a small light and read a couple of chapers and if you want to meditate, try an imagination on something that feels relaxing.


I know it’s not always easy to take care of yourself, and you might not feel like you deserve it. But if you want to be the kind of person everyone around you deserves and if you want to make sure you can be the person you want to be, you really should try it! And you do deserve it! So take care of yourself, even in the smallest way possible and it will do you a world of good!

Love, H.

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