How to Make the New Year Your Best One Yet!


I know I’m kinda late to the party, but let’s just say I hope the beginning of 2018 is not an omen for how the rest of the year is going to be… But all the more reason to make sure the new year won’t continue that way!

It’s super clichéd, but for me, the beginning of a new year is always a time of new beginnings, a clean slate, an opportunity for change and growth (hopefully) and just a time to take stock. Am I the person I want to be? Is my life going where I want it to go? What do I have to be thankful for?


For me all of this starts with a new notebook. Not that I need another one, mind you, but there is something about an empty notebook waiting to be filled that makes me very excited for the future! And it makes me believe, that this time I’m actually gonna change and do all the things I want to. (Spoiler alert: this doesn’t actually happen very often… but this year will be different, I’m sure of it! :P)

If you’re anything like me, you have a list of resolutions an entire page long, that you have written down pretty much the same way since 2014… So maybe it’s time to try a different approach this year!


So I’m proposing a completely new and shocking plan: Actually follow your resolutions! I know, right? Crazy! Let’s be realistic, this probably won’t work with every resolution, but there are always some you could actually keep if you tried. I know it’s pretty easy to just write your resolution down and feel like you’re keeping it, but sadly that’s not how this works…

Don’t get me wrong, do write them down! I just pledge to actually revisit them this year and not ignore them until the next year! Just keep them in mind, so you don’t forget about them. Maybe pin them above your desk, save them on your phone, or write them down in your bullet journal, whatever feels most natural to you.


Something you might want to think about is maybe making your resolution one behavioral trait. Not 30 little habits, but something that’s deeper. For me, this year, it is being kind. Specific habits and routines will help you fulfill your resolutions. Just aim for something, that will improve your life, but is still something you can actually achieve with an amount of effort that is suitable for your life.

Just make one real resolution. Or if you have specific goals you want to reach, make three to five. And you can still add habits you want to implement or monthly intentions.


Check in with your resolutions every week or month, see if you followed them, and if you haven’t, why not? Are they still goals you want to achieve? And if not, how come that changed and what did it change it to? What else is it that you want? What would make you happy?

I hope I haven’t been too “holier-than-thou”, I definitively have none of the answers. This is just what I’m planning to do this year…

Hope you don’t mind me rambling on, as always,

All my love, H.

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