DIY Gift Tags – Blogmas Day 21


I try to really get ahead with my christmas gift buying and wrapping every year, just because I like my gifts to be thoughtful and wrapped presents double as pretty decorations. That usually means that I forget what is in some of the boxes, or if I’m giving multiple people books or framed photographs, which one is for whom though…


So this year, I thought I’d be smarter and just write everyone’s name on their present… And what better way to do it than with some gift tags. They look pretty and go with everything. Plus, they’re an opportunity to personalise a gift, which I love doing.

You can of course buy gift tags, I actually got this idea because I saw some really pretty ones with little bells hanging off them, but they were pretty expensive for essentially being a piece of cardboard…


So I decided to make some myself. All you need is cardboard, scissors and a pen. You can of course make the tags any shape you want, you could even use some cookie cutters as a stencil of sorts. And if you have colourful or patterned paper at home (Maybe you have some left over from making Origami Gift Boxes?) that would probably look really good as well. But as I’m sure you’re tired of me saying by now, I like things to be quite minimalistic and elegant, so I went for a classic tag shape of white cardboard and a single colour of pen. I actually would have loved to use a gold pen, but apparently mine dried out so black’ll just have to do.


I drew some really simple design, mainly because I (again, I know, I’m sorry…) just love how elegant this looks, but also because I really can’t draw very well, and these are foolproof. And trust me, if I can make them look okay, you definitely can!

Another idea that would look really cool is writing phrases on the tags. I kinda did this with the Merry Christmas!, but you could also do “merry and bright”, “ho ho ho”, “’tis the season” or anything like that. I wrote similar things directly on my wrapping paper last year to customise it, so I went with drawings this time…


I used the same shape of tag (I cut out an entire sheet of these at once and then used them whenever I needed one) as the instructions for my Gingerbread Cookie Mix. Then I cut out a piece of chalkboard foil a little bigger than the tag and glued it to the tag. Just make sure to get rid of all the air bubbles. Then I cut off the excess foil and voilá, you have a fancy tag that looks like you spent quite a bit of money on it! Write or draw on it with chalkboard marker, make a hole at the top with a hole-puncher and tie it to the gift with some string or stick it onto the wrapping paper.


Hopefully you can use this post as inspiration and might actually start wrapping presents before christmas eve this year… Because let’s face it, that’s usually when the wrapping happens!

So don’t be stressed or be embarassed about mixing up presents and just enjoy christmas.

Love, H.

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