Gingerbread Liqueur – Blogmas Day 14


Good Morning my lovelies! I know it’s not quite the weekend yet, but you can’t really start too early with planning your drinks, can you? So today, we’re making booze… This is one of my favourite drinks around christmas and I alsways make a big batch of this liqueur for everyone to enjoy throughout the winter.


You can definitely drink this as a shot, although I would advise to only drink it chilled, but it also works great in hot chocolate. I really like spiked hot chocolate and the classics like Rum or Amaretto are great, but if you want it to be extra festive, this is perfect for you! This has quite a lot of chocolate in it, so putting it in hot chocolate is the perfect match. If you feel really fancy, you can top the whole thing with whipped cream or mini marshmallows, but it’s pretty great on its own as well…


I give little bottles of this liqueur as gifts to friends every year. It’s quite an easy gift, but I know they like it and will use it, so I like to add it as a little extra to their gifts. I’m sure you can think of someone who would like this and you could even make your own hot chocolate mix (keep your eyes peeled for a DIY on that) and gift it as a set.


Gingerbread Liqueur

You’ll need:
700ml (1 bottle) vodka
2 tbsp gingerbread spice mix
10 tbsp Nutella
5 tbsp cocoa powder
100g powdered sugar
1,2l cream

What to do:
As you can see in the photos, this recipe makes quite a lot of liqueur, but I like to use the whole bottle of vodka, because I just won’t drink it otherwise. Plus, this is a great gift and guests love it. It does keep quite a while in the fridge, but if you just want a small amount to give away or you have some left-over vodka, just adjust the recipe accordingly.
First, you’ll need some sort of a blender. Put in all ingredients except for the cream and blend until it’s smooth. Using an electrical whisk, slightly beat the cream, but don’t let it get too stiff, it should just be a little foamy. Combine everything in a big bowl until it’s thoroughly mixed and fill into sealable bottles. Keep them in the fridge to make sure the liqueur doesn’t go bad.


Drink responsibly and enjoy!

Love, H.

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