Christmas Wrapping Ideas – Blogmas Day 13


You guys, we’re officially over halfway through blogmas! How has this gone so fast? I guess time truly flies when you’re having fun… And I know it’ll make me sound like a grandma (yeah, I know, nobody is surprised), but I feel like this whole year and especially December has gone so fast!


So with christmas this fast approaching, it’s definitely time to get wrapping presents! As I’m sure you know by now, I’m quite into very clean and minimalist designs. (If you want to see some of the art I have hanging in my room, let me know!) Which is why I love Kraft paper. You can use it alle year round and style it differently for every occasion with a few simple changes. This christmas, I used red and white string to get the christmas colours going and made some really simple gift tags using white cardboard and a black fineliner.

Most of these wrappings are very straight forward, but I thought I’d quickly show you how to make the bags I use to wrap presents that are awkwardly shaped and don’t really fit into a box. (Or I’m just too lazy to buy a fitting box.)


1.First, you cut out a rectangular piece of wrapping paper. This works with colourful wrapping paper too, and it actually looks really cool that way. I just prefer this simple look. Make sure the piece is big enough for the present, because you will fold it in half and tape it together at the bag.
2. Place the bag with the taped side up and fold the bottom into the middle however wide you want the bottom of your bag to be. Then fold the bottom corners into the middle to form a square. Then you fold both corners into the middle and make sure the bottom is completely closed up and tape it shut.


4. You can just leave the bag like that and fill it, but if you want it to have a little more shape, just fold the sides into the middle. Then carefully push the folded edge into the middle so it look like a folded paper bag. This bit is pretty fiddly, but it does make it easier to wrap for example a wine bottle.
5. Finally, put the gift into the bag, fold over the top as far as you like and seal it. You can just tape it shut, but you can also use a hole-punch to make two holes into the folded bit of the bag and close it with a string.
6. Now is the time to personalise the bag. You can use red and white string or any other type of ribbon, tie a gift tag to the bag or a sprig of christmas tree. You can also tie a candycone or any type of ornament/ dried fruit. I kept it very simple this year, but last year I did some calligraphy on the bags with a sharpy, which is a super easy way to make you own personalised wrapping paper.


This christmas cracker actually contains socks. These are also one of the gifts that tend to look quite weird when you try to wrap them, but if you roll them, you can make them into a fancy looking christmas cracker very easily. Just roll them into the wrapping paper, tape it shut and tie string around both sides of the socks. Also, crackers are really fun to open in a group, so this is perfect for secret santas or a stocking stuffer.


If you’ve slaved in your kitchen making christmas cookies, don’t hide them away in a box! Putting cookies into a see-through bag and closing it with some string and maybe a sprig of christmas tree looks very professional. If you want to make something a little special, you can get the recispe for these Stained Glass Cookies here.


What are you gifting this christmas and who can guess what’s in these packages? (Hint: you probably know, if you’ve seen some of my previous blogmas posts…)

Love, H.

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  1. Cathryn says:

    Loved your post. Great ideas.


    1. Thank you Cathryn! So glad you like the ideas, have fun wrapping presents! 🙂


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