Stocking Filler Ideas – Blogmas Day 10


IMG_5331.JPGAssembling a stocking for someone might be my favourite gift to give. Maybe it’s because it’s a great way to give someone all those thoughtful little gifts you don’t usually get to give someone. Plus, you can make a lot of stocking fillers yourself, so it doesn’t break the bank. And it gives you a chance to show you really know the other person…


These are just a few little bits and bobs I bought to put in a stocking this year.


First, you need a stocking. Now if you’re incredibly crafty and motivated, you could easily make one yourself, the pattern is quite a simple one. Or just buy one. This one is from Homesense, they usually have quite a good selection of affordable stockings. If you can afford it, John Lewis or The White Company usually have some beautiful ones as well, they are pretty pricey though…


What you fill the stocking with is completely up to you and depends on who you’re giving the stocking to. Maybe the person likes feeling pretty, then nail polish or a nice body wash might be a good gift. Or they are a tech-freak and would love a powerbank or new headphones. A kid might love a colouring book or a card game. Seasonal pyjamas or jumpers are almost always something the recipient will have use for and it’s quite fun if you maybe have the same one and you can wear it together.


Another great thing to give almost anyone are scented candles. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a cozy night and light some candles at this time of year? And since winter evenings are pretty cold (or at least they are in my flat), they will probably love some festive fuzzy socks to keep their mistle-toes warm…


Something everyone needs at christmas are cookie cutters. If you find some special shapes or maybe an assortment of classic ones, they might be a great gift for the person in your life, who loves to bake. And maybe they’ll even invite you to eat those cookies. (Strike!) If they like to bake all year round, they’ll probably love some cute cup or spoon measurements, because baking is so much more fun when measuring ingredients looks this good… This might be better as a secret santa gift or if you give someone their stocking some time before christmas, so they can get some use out of their cutters before christmas is over.
Also, it’s just not christmas without a chocolate orange!


Another easy-yet-personal gift is to frame a picture of you and the person you’re giving it to or a nice card. A picture frame isn’t very expensive and someone will finally be looking at the picture you all have sitting on a hard drive  somewhere.


We should all take more time to pamper ourselves, especially around christmas time. So giving someone a nice body wash or lotion that they probably wouldn’t splurge on for themselves is always a great idea.
Whereas the person that always drops their phone might benefit more from a new phone case. There are also lots of services online that will let you design your own case or print a picture of your choice. And who doesn’t like a nice phone case.


Keeping with the theme of a cosy night, you can never go wrong with a nice tea. Most companies even offer special festive flavours like gingerbread or apple pie.


And last, but by no means least, are christmas pyjamas. Opening presents is just so much more fun when you’re wearing cute seasonal PJs. You could even get you and your partner/ family matching pyjamas for some extra cheery christmas spirit!
The top ones are more general fall/ winter pyjamas from Next, but that just means you can wear them the whole winter. The mince pie pyjamas are by New Look but I got them on Asos. They are super soft and comfy and who doesn’t love a food pun?


And don’t forget to fill the stocking up with chocolates and clementines or maybe some homemade biscuits… What do you fill your stockings with or do you have any other christmas traditions?

I hope you’re just as excited about christmas as I am.

Love, H.

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