JOY Glasses DIY Decorations – Blogmas Day 4


I don’t know what it is about christmas that makes me want to do crafts, but at this time of year I suddenly have all the patience in the world. I mean, I like DIY stuff as much as the next girl, but usually I have to force myself to take the time and make something. At christmas though, I love to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. Also, since it’s so dark all of the time (I swear we only had two hours of daylight today), I constantly feel the need to light a candle.


I love anything to do with mason jars! (As you can probably guess from the amount of posts on this blog involving them…) I use them for everything from storing my cotton pads to taking my lunch to Uni, so it seemed only natural to make some christmas decorations out of them.


I actually made these last year, so I don’t have pictures of the making-of-process, but it’s pretty self-explanatory anyway. First, you need three of the same glass jars (or more, if you want to spell something different). These are jam jars my parents collected for me, so you don’t even have to buy fancy ones. Then you need to cut the letters you want out of paper. It’s even easier if you buy sticky letters from a craft-store, but I drew them and cut them out and that worked just fine. Stick your letters onto the glasses if they’re sticky, or hold them there. Then start painting the glasses with white acrylic paint. I used a little sponge, because I wanted to achieve that speckled look, but you can also use a paintbrush for a smooth finish.


Make sure you let them dry completely (I left them over night to be sure) before you move them. You can then either leave them like that or decorate them with string and christmas tree twigs. I also used some thin sticks to make them look more natural. But you could obviously also use clourful ornaments, dried oranges or cinnamon sticks, it really just depends on the vibe you’re going for… Finally, light three tea lights or other small candles and enjoy your creation with a steaming mug of tea or mulled wine!


What other christmas decorations have you made with mason jars? I’d love to hear your ideas… Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and let me know if you try it out! I promise, it’s super easy!

Love, H.

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