Mulled Wine – Blogmas Day 2


Hi guys, hope you’re having a great December so far! For me, weekends in December mean christmas markets and cozy nights in with mulled wine. And while the packaged stuff you can buy tastes fine, it’s also super easy to make mulled wine yourself.


All you need is wine (I made the classic version using red wine, but white wine actually works really well too), spices and fruit. This is a really stripped back classic version with oranges, apples, cinnamon sticks and star anise. It’s super easy to make and looks a lot prettier than the store-bought version. Just slowly heat the mixture, but don’t let it boil. Then let the wine steep until the flavours are fully developed.


Just taste the wine and stop steeping it when the flavour is intense enough for you. Pour it into muugs, decorate them if you wish and enjoy with a loved one! If you like your mulled wine quite sweet, you can also add candied sugar for a slight caramel flavour. This is more of an inspiration post than a recipe, since you can pretty much make this however you like. Add lemon zest if you like a more citrusy flavour, cranberries or whatever else you fancy!


How do you make your mulled wine? And who do you drink it with?

Enjoy the festive time and take the time to spend cosy hours with your loved ones!

Love, H.

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