Modern Advent Wreath – Blogmas Day 1


For me, christmas time without an advent wreath just wouldn’t be the same. Growing up, my grandma would always make her own wreaths and my mum was really into the classic green wreath with red candles as well. And while I do love those kind of old-fashioned wreaths, it just didn’t really fit with what I wanted to do this year. I’ve been really into quite modern and simplistic decorations lately and have been going with a white and gold theme for christmas. Since I didn’t really want to spend a small fortune buying some fancy candle holder, I decided to just make one myself.


I started by spraying some empty bottle with gold spray paint. I used beer bottles in two different sizes, but I think wine bottles might be even nicer if you have some (or if you want to use this as an excuse to drink some wine). Then I thinned some tall white candles at the bottom with a sharp kitchen knife, so they would fit into the bottles and stay there. Again, I’m going white and gold this year, but red or grey candles would probably also look amazing!


Then I used a couple of christmas tree twigs to form a mini wreath for one candle and to simply be tied tied to another one with string. I also made a little bow of string around one of the candles. You could obviously use other decorations as well, maybe a tiny bauble or some cinnamon sticks would look nice…


Then I placed the bottles in this deep tray from Ikea and filled it with more christmas tree bits. And because I wanted to stick with the sort of minimalistic/ natural look of things, I only decorated the tray with dried oranges, cinnamon sticks and star anise. I quite like how rustic it looks, but it still fits really well with the more modern style of my other golden metallic decorations.


Let me know what kind of advent wreath you use and if you’ve tried something similar to this!

Lots of christmassy love, H.

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