Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations


For this year’s little Friendsgiving get-together, I wanted to make some decorations myself, cause I’m really into DIY at the moment. Also, they don’t break the bank. So I made some place sets out of Kraft paper, mostly because I love wrapping presents in this, so I always have some at home, especially around christmas. I also love, how you can just doodle on there and everyone can personalise their place sets or just doodle around during the night. Plus, it means I don’t have to buy some seasonal place mats that will just take up storage space the rest of the year and I probably won’t even like by next year…


I also re-used some pumpkins I had left from my halloween decorations. I simply painted them white with one coat of acrylic paint and then sprayed them thinly with golden spraypaint. This way you can still see their original colour a little bit, so they don’t look so fake, but they still look fancy and very elegant. It’s such a quick and easy thing to do, but it really elevates the table and the gold makes the more rustic Kraft paper and cookies look more sophisticated.

IMG_5061IMG_5066IMG_5074I thought everyone could write down what they are thankful for this year on their place mat. It’s so important to practise gratitude and actively appreciate how good our lives are. Sometimes I think we forget, that the entire festive season is about being thankful, spending time with our family and friends and spread love and light, not just about eating and buying gifts. (Although that is a nice part of it…) I’m planning on keeping the things people are grateful for in that time capsule, so that next year everyone can remind themselves what they were thankful for a year ago and add to it. Ideally, we can all look back in ten years and see how our lives changed over the years and relive all the great things we experienced. Let’s see if that actually works…


As you might know, I don’t eat meat. And I actually tried to do world vegan month in November and eat entirely plantbased, but I thought making an exception for Thanksgiving would be alright. But that’s why there is no turkey on the menu (also, those things are damn expensive). I wanted to make this a snack based meal, mostly because I don’t really like long stuffy dinners where everyone sits around silently and waits for the tenth course. I’d much rather everyone talks, laughs and moves around while snatching little bites of goodness when they feel like it. Also, it’s much easier to prepare little things in advance, especially if you don’t have a big kitchen…

To write the menu, I used some cardboard and self-stick blackboard foil and wrote on it with a chalk marker. Those markers a great for writing, but keep in mind that they don’t wash off very well, especially if left on there for a while, so I wouldn’t use them on a nice blackboard you hang up in your home. (Yes, I did learn that the hard way…)


That little bag is filled with Gingersnap Cookies. I thought it’d look very festive as a decoration and I also wanted my guests to be able to take something home, so they could enjoy it over the next couple of days. And hopefully it’ll remind them of a great evening! If you want to make them yourself, you can find the recipe here.


I hope you liked how I chose to decorate my Friendsgiving table and maybe got some ideas on how to do it youself. I would love to hear how you decorate your Thanksgiving and if you used some of my ideas!

Happy Thanksgiving guys and remember to be grateful for the little things!

Love, H.

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