I fell in love with Oxford – Part 2

Hello lovelies! xx

I hope you’re not sick of me rambling about Oxford yet, but I always love reading detailed blog posts about cities to get inspired about what to do when you visit that place. So I’m hoping you find this useful or at least entertaining!


So let’s dive right into day two of my Oxford trip. I don’t know if I already told you why I went to Oxford eventhough our holiday got cancelled, but at this point my sister didn’t know our grandma had died yet, because we didn’t want to spring something like that on her over the phone when she should be enjoying her final days of the summer course she was doing. So I went to Oxford to tell her in person and that might have been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

So on my second and her last day in Oxford, I met her for breakfast in a really cool coffee shop, I believe it was called something like Queen’s Coffee House and I told her. Afterwards we just had a big cuddle and a walk around her college, talking about grandma and her summer course until she had to go to her final lecture.

I then went and met up with my dad, because he was on a mission to buy a tweed jacket, which he had originally wanted to do in Scotland. So we did that, and I think he looked dashing in his tweed waistcoat and hat! I really wanted to go to the Ashmolean Museum, which is the UK’s oldest public museum, and shows a little bit of everything in the history of humankind. Plus, the rooftop restaurant has a very nice view and serves amazing food!


We then went to my sister’s graduation ceremony, after a quick stop in a café which was definitely one of my favourite spots in the whole of Oxford. It’s called Garden & Vault and is right across from the Radcliffe Camera. We had some afternoon tea and I also had the most amazing blueberry and pistachio roll. We loved it there so much, that we even got up earlier the next day, just so we’d have time to eat breakfast there before driving home. If anyone ever finds themselves there, the vegan breakfast ist DELICIOUS!


My sister had a farewell party afterwards, so we had another walk around the colleges, we went inside of Trinity College, which was very very pretty, but we did kinda choose a college to walk through at random, so I’m sure there are others that are just as or even more beautiful, but I loved it anyway…


Then we found the most amazing pub (The Turf) at the end of St. Helen’s Passage (great name there!), had a few drinks and then went for dinner in yet another pub. I told you I went to quite a few of those! 😛

That, sadly, is the end of my holiday in Oxford. It was just a really quick trip, but I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a city THAT QUICKLY! I had a great time, eventhough my personal life was pretty shit at the time and falling in love with Oxford was exactly what I needed to take my mind off of things. So I’ll forever be grateful for every happy memory I was able to create there in the middle of a very shitty time in my life.

So thank you, Oxford, and I’ll definitely be back! Eypecially since my roommate just started studying there, so I’ll need to visit her anyway…

Love, H.

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