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Hello lovelies, the best time of the year is back: new stationary time! As soon as the hot days are over, I get excited for christmas (yes, I know it’s crazy) and the only thing that can get me even more excited is stationary. Just before school starts again, there are new and beautiful stationary items available pretty much everywhere!

Now I don’t really NEED any new stuff, considering that I have multiple boxes full of notebooks living on my desk (tell me if you want a post on how I fill all of my notebooks!), but studying is just so much more fun with a new notebook and I figure if it helps me being productive, why not buy a couple of pretty things. It’s all for the greater good…

This year I decided to splurge a little on a Paperchase order in hopes of helping me calm my nerves about starting Uni again. And let me tell you, I’m in love! I know the trend right now are lots of patterns and rose gold, but Paperchasae do this really beautiful, yet simple kraft paper line, so I bought pretty much everything in that design. Come to think of that, the actual stationary I got is embossed with golden leaves, so I can actually call myself on trend. Yay! But I’ll shut up now and just show you everything I got.


Now the first thing everyobody needs is a notepad. I got one with four dividers inside, because I’ll be studying four major parts of law this semester, so I thought this would be perfect for taking notes in class and then I can copy them more neatly at home. I believe they also sell this notepad with ten sub-divisions, so if you’re in school or just have lots of different courses, that might be more useful for you.


I also got a clipboard/ notepad/ binder thing. I’m not really sure if this will actually be useful, but I thought it would be great for courses where I need a lot of print outs or don’t have a lot of desk-space for taking notes. I’ll tell you if I actually use it, but truth be told, I’ve just always wanted to own a clipboard. It just looks so grown-up and important, and who doesn’t want that?


Now I don’t know about you, but I love stickers and to-do lists. They just make me feel more organised and in control of my own life. That’s why I bought a big check-list pad, a little booklet with different sized to-do lists and sticky notes and a booklet with small different coloured sticky notes for marking pages in a textbook. I mean… what else could you possibly need in life? The notepads even have little boxes at the end of each line, so you can tick off any tasks you’ve accomplished. And I freakin’ love ticking off things! Not all of them are sticky lists, but that’s fine, I love them anyway… The big notepad is actually magnetic, which made me think maybe I need to get a magnetic board for my desk area, but so far I’ve been able to resist that temptation, ’cause I don’t actually need one… or do I?


And last, but definitely not least from this range, I got some actual stationary. You know, the stuff to write letters with envelopes and everything. I love writing letters and cards and I definitely don’t do it enough, so I thought if I had some pretty stationary on hand I might use it more. And so far it’s working, I’ve already written two letters in the past couple of weeks since I got it! I’m also trying to extend my card collection so I’m definitely in the market for cool cards, if you have any suggestions on where to find some that won’t break the bank…


The last thing I got wasn’t from Paperchase and I got it a little while ago, but I still get excited whenever I use it. I bought this beautiful leather pencil case that closes by wrapping a thin leather strip around it. It’s pretty small, so it will fit into any bag, but big enough to fit a pen, a pencil and eraser, a highlighter and some sticky notes, so it’s the perfect size for lectures. It also just looks very pretty and as if you’re an artsy writer, which is always nice!

I hope you liked seeing what I got to prepare for the new Uni year and I’d love to know if there are any stationary lovers out there and where and what you bought this stationary season!

As always, lotsa love, H.

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