Getting back into the fitness mindset.


Now I’ve had a rough couple of weeks with being ill twice and my grandma dying, so I haven’t really gone to the gym regularly and allowed myself to have chocolate, crisps and stuff like that and now I feel pretty bad. My skin broke out, I have little to no energy and I haven’t been sleeping well. So something has got to change!

Sadly, getting back into a fitness routine is a lot harder if you’ve ever stopped being healthy and my self discipline is sorely lacking…

I’ve found that I need to get into the right mindset or trying to stay healthy is going to be pretty much impossible. So what I usually do is look for healthy recipes that I’m excited about. I throw out all the foods that are bad for me (if I’ve broken down and bought sweets), because if they’re in the house, I WILL eat them. And I try to get myself excited about being healthy, whether it’s shopping at the farmers market, making healthy snacks or booking into a class at the gym.

Now I explicitly chose a gym where they have a lot of different cool classes, because I find it really hard to motivate myself to go to the gym and train by myself. I do it when I’m like totally in the flow, but if I need to get into a routine again, I just want someone to motivate me, so I usually start with a yoga or pilates class. I’ve actually chosen a boxing class as well for next week, which I’ve never done before and I’m really excited to try it!

So today I’ve made my trusty protein balls for snacking, gotten my microwave-popcorn-maker out in case I want to stuff my face in the evenings and bought a load of berries. ‘Cause I freakin’ love berries! And the most exciting part of trying to be healthy is brwosing the internet for new recipes or some inspiration.


If I’ve been eating shit food, there is literally no chance of me being productive, I tend to have total chaos at home and spend all of my time (including meals) in my bed, and that just isn’t an environment that supports me being healthy and productive. That is where the lists come in. What you need to know about me is that I LOVE lists! I love writing shopping lists, to-do lists, bucket lists, habit lists, book lists… basically whatever you can think of, I’ve probably written a list about it. And I also have to write down new routines or habits I want to follow or I won’t do it.

So I got out my pretty to-do list book (I might have a slight stationary addiction, but I’m fine with that…) and wrote down all the things I want to do again.


I basically just wrote down all the obvious and easy things that make you feel good/ feel bad if you don’t do them, like cleaning my room, doing the dishes, deep cleaning the kitchen, organising my desk area, doing the laundry, taking care of all bank stuff and following my skincare routine. And if you’re surrounded by clean things, you instantly have a completely different mindset and being healthy and productive is so much easier. Plus you feel like you’ve already achieved something without much of a fuss.

Hopefully, I’ll stick to the plan a while, I’ll keep you updated… Tell me if you want a more detailed post on my meal plans or other lists!

All the love, H.

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