Travel Journal


I don’t know about you, but every time I go on holiday, I take an empty notebook with me and vow that this is the time I will actually journal my trip until the end. And it never happens. I write in it the first couple of days and collect all the ticket stubs and business cards to put in the journal, hoarding them in my bag or suitcase and after the trip I put them in box, because I’ll make photo album at least. Spoiler alert: that never happens either. And when I find that box of yellowed ticket stubs years later, it just ends up in one of those massive “memories” boxes in the attic.


But this time, everything will be different, I promise! Because I’ve got a plan! Firstly, I do write quite a lot at the moment (hence this blog) and I take time to take photos as well. Now I’m really bad at photographing sights and stuff people actually recognise, I tend to come back with a collection of random little things I found, lots of pictures of doors (I don’t why I’m so obsessed with doors, but I am) and probably some hidden beauties in big cities. But I kinda like it that way.


Oh right, the plan. Well I have already bought a new notebook (Who else has about a million empty notebooks at home and still buys new ones? Just me? Great…), but the thing that is different this time, is that I have made drafts for journal entries. Now just filling in the same form every day would be really boring, but I thought it could be more of a guideline in case I don’t know what to write or how to start. There will be a section for addresses, because I still write postcards (Yes, I’m secretely a grandma!). There will be daily (hopefully!) entries, maybe an overview or like a week itinerary, space to glue in all of those ticket stubs, a map and some preparation pages like a packing list and some brainstorming of what to do on the trip, so I can start filling the journal before actually going away.


Have I even told you where I’m going yet? I don’t think so… I’m going to Scotland with my family! I’m so excited! I’ll be spending a couple of days in Oxford and then we’re driving north. So if any of you are from Scotland or have been there before, please tell me your favourite places and stuff to do and see! I always try to actually meet the people who live there and get to know the country and culture, so if you have any inside infromation, share it with me, pretty please!


I’ve printed out some maps, the flag and other little stuff as well, just in case I want to include any of that while I’m on the trip, because those are things I just can’t draw.

Anyways, I hope I’ll actually be committed to the journal this time, so please tell me if you want to see how it turns out…

Love you, H.

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