Fruity Ice Cubes


Since I went to the US in the summer a couple of years back, I am absolutely obsessed with having ice in my water, especially in the summer! We don’t really have those fancy fridges with a built-in ice machine though, so you  have to freeze them yourself.

And because I’m always looking for ways to make everyday things more interesting or simply make them look more appealing without too much effort, I came up with these Fruity Ice Cubes.


Now I am aware that I didn’t invent these and you’ve probably already seen these all over the internet, but for me, they were the logical continuation of the lemon slices and mint sprigs I put in my water the rest of the year.

You can literally put in any fruit you like, but personally I like something quite fresh, so my go-to choices are lemon, mint and cucumber. Occasionally I use raspberries because I just love those suckers… If you have a garden or know where you can pick edible flowers, you could even make some super fancy flower ice cubes. I mean, hello? Who needs crazy expensive juices when you can make such amazing water yourself?

Please tell me what ingredients/ combinations you used! And be sure to drink enough of your fancy water, so you don’t de-hydrate!

As always, lots of love, H.

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